The vision of our Founder President, Mr. Rishabh Shah has got us to raise our national flag in the UN headquarters with the country's brightest minds on 15th August, 2016. August 2016, with a 200 delegate strong presence, we became the first and only external civil society organisation in the World to hold a full fledged, 3 day MUN Conference inside the UN Headquarters in New York. However, the 21st century is one which shall see a border-less world and we at IIMUN, believe in nurturing young minds to become global citizens. It is with this endeavor that we have launched our second iteration of the IIMUN USA conference which shall give the students the opportunity to sit in the UN Headquarters and debate on issues of paramount significance.

Conference Itinerary

The students participating in IIMUN USA will be visiting the United Nations Headquarters, New York along with Washington DC and Orlando.

Registration Timeline

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