Leadership School

IIMUN School of Leadership works as an incubator for all its students to become future leaders. These students are given opportunity to work with IIMUN and get trained in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Digital Media Marketing, Travel and Tourism, Event Management, International and National Affairs, Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Admin, Communication, Presentation Skills, Public Policy and Legislation. There are 5 different courses offered by IIMUN which a student can undertake along with their formal education.

Courses offered :

  1. 3 months course (Beginners Program)
  2. 6 months course (Managerial Program)
  3. 12 months course (Basic Leadership Program)
  4. 18 months course (Executive Program)
  5. 24 months course (Leadership Graduation Program)

Eligibility :

  1. Student should be between the age group of 16 – 21 years

In order to apply kindly email on joinus@iimun.in