The IIMUN Championship Conference

The 6th iteration of the Championship Conference of IIMUN will be held at the Aamby Valley City from Thursday, 24th August, 2017 to Sunday, 27th August, 2017. As we culminate our August- August Calendar, the finale event of IIMUN 16-17, will see 3000 school students from 42 countries compete for the BEST MUN school Trophy. However to mark this momentous sixth anniversary celebrations, IIMUN has apart from the conventional MUN also added:

1) Judges- The competition will being adjudicated for the first time by former and sitting Ambassadors who actually represented their countries in these specific councils.
2) College Fair- With these many students gathering for 4 days under one roof, the best universities across the globe shall be sending their admission officers/ deans to guide the students on how exactly to get into that college. This will actually help facilitate a better understanding of the university requirements as against getting certificates from university based MUN conferences which technically have nothing to do with the university.
3) MUNclave, the speaker series- IIMUN has always believed in getting leading luminaries to engage with students and this year 15 such speakers will talk to the students. Please visit our website ( to see full list of speakers who have spoken at our conferences.
4) Global Village- Students will get the opportunity to not just represent the country allotted to them via the MUN, but also as a part of a dedicated social event to showcase the countries culture and tradition.
5) Sports Activities/ Mini-Festivals/ CAS Program- With an entire city at our disposal, IIMUN has planned certain activities with leading luminaries from these respective disciplines. These activities which are optional in nature will also be graded and student performances recognised for the same. These CAS programs pre / during and post the conference can also be created.
6) Customised teachers itinerary- Interact with 150 like minded academicians, get a chance to get up close with living legends and enjoy the best amenities whilst helping your students.
7) Ambience- with villas for accommodation, separate social events for teachers and students, a private lake to relax in the evenings, come experience a 9 star ambience in a 7 star city.
8) End to End conference- Much unlike commercial cafes where every sugar satchet is a chance to fleece the institution, IIMUN seeks to maintain our Athiti Devo Bhava culture wherein everything from the time of landing at the Mumbai/ Pune Airport to the time of seeing you off, will be taken care of.
9) Training- In order to ensure that your students are well prepared for this conference.
IIMUN has today, with the support from institutions such as yours, become the Worlds Largest MUN organisation, having been associated and affiliated to organisations ranging from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to the United Nations itself. Our 108 annual conferences in as many cities spread across 15 countries impact 5 million high school students, seeing support and speakers such as Former Secretary General of the United Nations H.E Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. We invite you experience our best educational extravaganza in India's finest luxury abode, the Aamby Valley City.
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