Desire is a strong motivator and the youth desire a better tomorrow. So why not channelize their energy and train them to face their challenges better and help build a stronger country and a safer world. This is what IIMUN has been doing for the past 5 years and strives to do so with our new initiative. I for India moves from our usual modus operandi of "Discussion" to "Action". Fighting for India's permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and Project Kaushal will be milestones in a positive future for India that the youth desire.

India's Bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council:

The Mecca of international relations will always be the United Nations and we as the representatives of the world's largest democracy are moving towards a permanent seat in the UNSC where we can voice our fair and honest concerns. India’s voice up until today isn’t represented adequately on this forum. By carrying out peaceful marches around India we aim to create awareness amongst the countries peoples and wish to let them come to their own decision to show their support. The I for India initiative has seen participation from over 150000 students who marched on the streets for India's permanent seat in the Security Council in major metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Project Kaushal:

Life has always had a simple direction for most people in the world. The idea is that if you study hard, you get good grades; this gets you a good job, leading to a good salary ergo a good life. The concept of studying is important to one and all. Parents all over the world rub their noses close to the grindstone so that they can provide their children with the best possible education. But is it really that simple? What happens when you can study but it has no meaning to your daily life? What happens when the hours you spend reading could have been hours working which might have put a little more food on your table in the night? What happens when you realize that studying might not help you at all because there is no direction to the effort you put in? This is the problem that more than 300 million people below the poverty line in India face on a daily basis. Teach for India and the Right to education is essential, but is the message strong enough to fight the right to survive? Project Kaushal aims to make people in villages into a skilled workforce. Join us in giving people not only information, but the tools to use it. IIMUN reaches out to 5 million students in over 108 cities. No one knows the youth better than the youth. As a part of project Kaushal, you will get a chance to spend a few weekends in a nearby village wherein you will be training the youth of that village in different vocations after getting trained yourself. Enrich your life a little more when you interact with the people who will make India a developed nation and will walk with us when the idea to take India forward becomes real.