Dealing with the tensions and crisis caused by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Dealing with the tensions and crisis caused by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Mayuko Yamamoto


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has conducted 15 nuclear tests since February 2017 until now, launching 22 perilous missiles. The autocratic unstable Supreme Leader of DPRK, Kim Jong Un demands to develop the technology and is now capable of bringing the most devastating catastrophe to the whole world just by one single click of a button. Not only that, the citizens in DPRK are suffering from public executions, detention, obligatory labor, and travel restrictions. I strongly think that these operations taken by the DPRK are unforgivable and an international collective action is indispensable.


The DPRK claims that they are only developing nuclear technology in order to protect the nation from the hostility of superpowers like the US, in fact, an American army is still present in South Korea, which is a threat to Kim Jong Un’s rule. The DPRK believes that nuclear weapons are the most effective, easiest, and economical way to prevent centralization and that they have right to possess the weapons in order to secure their safety. In the cloak of security, DPRK has fostered the development of nuclear weapons and launched numerous deadly missiles.


However, it has been violating the maintenance of international peace and security to an extent where any further aggression is not acceptable. Now is the time for us to unite to come up with one common solution and work together, to implement world peace. The majority of the members of the United Nations agree that tougher economic sanctions should be imposed, negotiation must be promoted, and the political pressure from China is in need. Financing DPRK to give them an opportunity to destroy the world is the last thing we want to do. In addition, negotiation must be the approach to the problem instead of military forces, assuring a peaceful world. And last but not least any unnecessary appeasement will only allow the nation to act aggressively regardless of the massive destruction caused to other countries.


An urge of imposing economic sanctions, negotiating, and putting political pressure is clear, yet, the current nuclear situation is far from satisfactory in terms of meeting international peace. In my opinion, one of the reasons why this is happening is that the discontinuous economic sanctions are not sufficient enough to enforce the DPRK to reduce nuclear activities. Furthermore, I believe that Chinese reluctance to put political pressure is playing a key role in encouraging nuclear activities. China claims that UN sanctions will not prevent but only delay the nuclear developments of DPRK along with isolating the nation from the international community which will prove attempts towards nuclear disarmament ineffective. However, I think that China’s true aim is to maintain the continuous economic and trade relation with DPRK by helping them against sanctions. Also, China’s fear might be the inexpedient North Korean refugees that are estimated to flee into China as a result of harsh economic sanctions. For China, it is economically unbeneficial if stricter sanctions are made on DPRK.


I conceive that we should separate emotions from issues. We cannot repeat the tragic history. We must not let DPRK trigger catastrophic third World War. DPRK should immediately stop the production of nuclear weapons. If DPRK is continuously being reluctant to negotiate and ignoring International laws and the UN Charter, the countries should take some form of enforcement. For instance, economic sanctions should be tougher, restricting them from developing nuclear technologies. Furthermore, China should prioritize international safety over the country’s benefits. To conclude, we have no time to waste. Indecision is often worse than taking wrong actions. Now, is the time to act against the aggressiveness of DPRK, now is the time to work together, now is the time to secure the world peace.

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